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Tracks where WCVR has held events:

Western Speedway, Victoria, BC (4/10 mile pavement)


Agassiz Speedway, Agassiz, BC (1/4 mile pavement)


State Line Speedway, Post Falls Idaho (1/4 mile Pavement) 

Meridian Speedway, Idaho (1/4 mile Pavement)

Shasta Raceway Park, Anderson CA, (1/4 mile Pavement)

Ephrata Raceway Park, Ephrata, Washington (1/4 mile Pavement) 

Sunset Speedway, Banks, Oregon, (D1/4 Dirt)

Douglas County Speedway, Roseburg, OR. (1/4 Pavement)

Yakima, WA (1/4 mile pavement)

Cottage Grove (Dirt)

Tenino WA, South Sound Speedway, (Pavement)

Willamette Speedway, Lebanon Oregon (1/4 Dirt)

Wenatchee Valley Super Oval, Wenatchee, WA (1/4 Pavement)

Coos Bay Speedway, Coos Bay, OR (1/4 Dirt)

Lake Havasu, AZ (1/4 Paved)



MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION, where you can find and print all the documents for club membership is at the end of the announcement section.  Just scroll down and click on "Membership Info"  All five documents along with your $35 payment should be mailed to the address on the form.

Western Speedway. June 9-11th:   The detail schedule of events is posted on our Facebook page.  It will not fit on this page, but working on it!  Or you can get a detail of events by sending an e-mail to  Last year was a great event and a whole lot of fun and we expect the same this year.

EPHRATA RACEWAY PARK is closing for local racing.  They will continue to have the special events as previously scheduled.  That includes the West Coast Vintage Racers event on July 9th.  They are hoping to keep the track open for special events in the futuer.  WCVR would be a special event and are anticipating racing there again next year.     Ephrata has been a good friend and supporter of WCVR and we would like to ask for large participation and close out the racing on a high note.  Thank you all in advance for your support.

SAFETY RULES:  The safety rules have been revised and updated to keep with current safety standards.  Please review the rules has they have changed with regards to helmets, belts, and general use.  Equipment will be inspected.  Chris, Frank and Dixon have all volunteered to inspect new equipment as well as cars in accidents before they return to the track.

PHOTO UPLOADS:    The process for uploading your pictures to the website is available.  WCVR paid members are allowed to upload photos by simply logging in.  If you have had a login previous, that should still be valid.  If you need a login, click on the Contact Us Here like to have one created.  On the top of the HOME page, see MEMBERSHIP TOOLS.  Uploading is a 2 step process and the instructions on the right side of the page.

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