West Coast Vintage Racers was formed in early 2004, with about 20 members and eight or ten cars.  Since its formation West Coast Vintage Racers has grown to over 100 members with around 45 different cars and has held over 60 on track events all over the Northwest.  The word is out among the promoters and track owners that WCVR puts on a great show.

Currently our club is a mixture of sprint cars, roadsters, off sets, super modified and rear engine cars from days past.  While keeping with the vintage theme, we encourage current and new members to restore and race designs that you remember from your youth.  We have simple, common sense rules which are found in Membership Documents.  (Click on "Membership Info")

Our #1 rule is “Family and safety come first

Most of the events are held for two or more days with all the members present getting lots of track time.  In most cases, we make arrangements to camp/RV in the pits for events.  Typically on Fridays we have the track for most of the day to practice. On Saturdays we usually have some track time in the morning and then run as part of the regular program in the afternoon or evening.

Depending on how many and what type of cars show up we usually run a 4 lap trophy dash for each class, 8 lap heat races for each class and 15-35 lap main events for each class.  After the races are over the fans in the stands are often invited to visit the pits to meet the drivers and take pictures of the cars.  Many of our drivers pass out Hero Cards to the fans.

Marvin Price in Portland, OR is the president of West Coast Vintage Racers and Bill Birdsell is our Director of Competition.   If you have a car you would like to run or if you don’t have a car but like the company of fellow racers, our rules and driver etiquette are available for review under "Membership Info".  You can also use the "Contact Us" link on this page if you have specific questions about our club, our schedule, and/or membership.


Our mailing address:  WCVR, PO BOX 545, Otis Orchards, WA 99027
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PHOTO UPLOADS:    The process for uploading your pictures to the website is available.  WCVR paid members are allowed to upload photos by simply logging in.  If you have had a login previous, that should still be valid.  If you need a login, or cannot remember your previous login / password, click on the Contact Us Here for assistance.  On the top of the page, see MEMBERSHIP TOOLS.  Uploading is a 2 step process and the instructions are on the right side of the page.

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WCVR DECALS:   Peal and press-on decals, 2 sizes.  6” for $6.00:  15" for $20.00.  Perfect for your race car, trailer, RV.


Ball caps in red, white, blue and black are available for $20.

Tank tops and t-shirts are available for $20 ($25 in 2XL and larger).

Pull-over hoodies and zipper hoodies are available for $40.

Stop by the WCVR merchandise tent at any of the races.

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