West Coast Vintage Racers was formed in early 2004, with about 20 members and eight or ten cars.  Since its formation West Coast Vintage Racers has grown to around 100 members with around 75 cars and has held over 60 on track events all over the Northwest.  The word is out among the promoters and track owners that WCVR puts on a great show.

West Coast Vintage Racers is an organization whose purpose is to race old racecars.  While not prohibiting any type of car, they are mostly Sprint cars, although there are several track roadsters, midgets and a few super modifieds that race with them also.  Caged cars and non-caged cars older then 1975 are acceptable.  However, installing cages on non-caged cars is recommended. The intent is to give the owners of old racecars the chance to get out on the track and have some fun.  Naturally for safety’s sake there are some rules, but they are fairly simple and common sense rules that are easy to comply with.

Most of the events are held for two or more days with all the members present getting lots of track time.  Usually on Fridays we have the track for most of the day to practice. On Saturdays we usually have some track time in the morning and then run as part of the regular program in the afternoon/evening.  Our general rule is to run in the races a driver needs to be 40 or older.  Depending on how many and what type of cars show up we usually run a 4 lap trophy dash for each class, 8 lap heat races for each class and 15 lap main events for each class.  After the races are over the fans in the stands are often invited to visit the pits to meet the drivers and take pictures of the cars.  

In most cases we make arrangement to camp/RV in the pits for the events.  With the exception of a few tracks members do not have to pay any fees for track time or pit passes.  It should be noted that some tracks have rules that do not allow young children to be in the pits during races.  The club owns an ATV for getting cars to the starting line and has a push truck on loan from a club member for push starting the cars.  The club also owns a party tent, BBQ’s, coolers, chairs, tables, generator, lights and a trailer to transport them in.  Some group meals are provided at most events and social gatherings are held after all on track activity stops each evening.  

There is a Southwest chapter that holds events in and around AZ.  Marvin Price in Portland, OR is the president of West Coast Vintage Racers.  The SW chapter has organized a good group of members and cars.  If you have a car you would like to run or if you don’t have a car but like the company of fellow racers and live in the western United States call Marvin Price about becoming a member.  WCVR welcomes “guest” participants and will work with guest to help them meet our safety requirements.



West Coast Vintage Racers would like to thank the owners, drivers, crew and fans for another successful race season.

Club hats, T-Shirts and decals are available year round.  Please contact Maureen through Facebook or wcvr@comcast.net if you are interested.


We are interested in any suggestions you may have.  Or if you have an article or picture you would like included, please forward to wcvr@comcast.net.


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