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2018 Membership documents are now available for printing.  Click on  "Member Tools" at the top of this column and you will be directed to the documents.


The updated preliminary schedule for 2018 has been posted, however not available in printed version for a couple of days.  Watch this spot.

NOTE change of date to Roseburg to May 18 and 19.  Changed by track.

Dues increase to $50 per member.  When Memberships documents for 2018 are ready, a notice will be posted here and on Facebook.




  • The Membership Link is now at the top of this page and you can access all the necessary documents – rules, application, etc. to be part of WCVR.
  • You can now view and order t-shirts, hats, and decals from the website using the contact link below.
  • No login is necessary unless you want to post pictures.


PHOTO UPLOADS:    The process for uploading your pictures to the website is available.  WCVR paid members are allowed to upload photos by simply logging in.  If you have had a login previous, that should still be valid.  If you need a login, or cannot remember your previous login/password click on the Contact Us Here for assistance.  On the top of the page, see MEMBERSHIP TOOLS.  Uploading is a 2 step process and the instructions on the right side of the page.

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